Introduction to databases
2009-2010 - GEO1171 - 5 ECTS

Expected learning outcomes

The course will give the students basic understanding of the theory and the practical use of modern databases.


  • The principles of Relational Databases
  • The structure of data, and SQL used to Define, Manipulate and Query
  • Database Design, Database Modeling with EER-diagrams and 1. 2. og 3. Normal form
  • Client-Server, Security, Transactions and Concurrency Control

Teaching Methods


Form(s) of Assessment

Multiple Choice Test(s)
Evaluation of Project(s)

Form(s) of Assessment (additional text)

2 projects and the final MC test must be approved.

Grading Scale


External/internal examiner

To be evaluated by two teachers.

Teaching Materials

Publishes in Study Guide at startup.