Mathematics 20 - Civil/Mechanical Engineering Mathematics
2008-2009 - REA2032 - 10 ECTS

On the basis of

REA1042, REA1051

Expected learning outcomes

The students should be able to use the topics of the course in mathematical modelling and thereby
solving practical technological problems.


Dynamic modelling:

Differential equations, numeric solutions.

Definition and properties of Laplace transform, inver Laplace transforms, solving linear differential equations,
transfer functions and block diagrams.

Geometric series, power series, Taylor series, series covergence, convergence tests.

Fourier series:
Periodic functions, trigonometric functions, Fourier series, odd and even functions, half-range periodic extension.

Functions of several variables:

Graphs, partial derivatives, finding maximum and minimum points, total differential.

Teaching Methods


Form(s) of Assessment

Written exam, 4 hours

Grading Scale

Alphabetical Scale, A(best) – F (fail)

External/internal examiner

All student works is evauated by the internal examiner.

An external examiner will be used perodicaly (every 3 to 4 years)

Re-sit examination

A re-sit examination will be held if necessary.

Examination support

Approved calculator .

Haugan, J. Tabeller og formelsamling. NKI-forlaget. ISBN 82-562-2483-5

Teaching Materials

Croft, Davison, Hargreaves: Engineering Mathematics.Prentice Hall. ISBN 0 130 26858 5

Lorentzen, Hole, Lindstrøm: Kalkulus med en og flere variable, Universitetsforlaget. ISBN 82-00-42433-2

Hans Engenes: "Om periodiske funksjoner og Fourierrekker" (free paper)