BEng Media Electronics - BINEM


3 years
180 ECTS credits

Undergraduate programme leading to a Bachelor's degree.

The engineering programmes are based on a framework plan approved by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research.

Expected learning outcomes

The Bachelor of Media Electronics is a practical and theoretical study programme. The aim is to educate electrical engineers who also have knowledge of different kinds of media. The students will acquire basic knowledge of electronics, digital media, data transfer and digital production. This will give them a solid basis for developing further competence in a professional career.

On completion of the three years, the students will be qualified for positions in:
- Media production
- Electronics industry
- Private or official capacities dealing with planning, development and operating of electronic equipment.


The language of instruction is Norwegian, but some courses can be taught in English if there are incoming exchange students.

The Norwegian students can take a semester abroad in the second year of the programme.

Admission Criteria

General matriculation standard with special requirements in mathematics (3MX) and physics (2FY).

Table of subjects