BEng Civil Engineering -


3 year

Expected learning outcomes

On completion of the programme, the students will have:

  • Proficiency in the use of specialised sources, professional methods, covered planning laws, rules and standards, project planning, construction, business administration, practical operative business, maintenance and development of buildings, works and plants.
    This involves positioning, surveying, use of materials, construction and design in stress capacity and construction materials, climate conditions and ventilation. This also includes taking into account practicability, reliability, protection, fire security, use of resources, economy and the effect and consequences on the environment.
  • The ability to translate theory into the practical and overcome problems.
  • The ability to present and lead discussions on points of interest.
  • Understanding of the quality of products and processes involved in relation to the different interests and responsibilities of the participants and environmental qualities.
  • The ability to consider all sides of possible differences between parties during the construction process. This could involve the appointee, contractor, consultant, administrator, authorities as well as private citizens, business owners and idealists who may be affected by the process.


Student exchange with foreign partner institutions in the autumn semester of the third year

Admission Criteria

General matriculation standard with special requirements in mathematics (3MX) and physics (2FY).

Course Structure

In the final year the students choose one of two specialisations:

  • Construction
  • Land Surveying

Table of subjects