MTech Media Technology - MTMT


2 years
120 ECTS credits
Postgraduate programme leading to a Master's degree.

Expected learning outcomes

The programme will give students advanced level knowledge and experience in the use of technologies and tools used for producing, filing, and distributing digital media. In addition, the students will gain an overall understanding of the processes being used to produce new ? as well as old ? media products. The programme is largely forcused on computer science and media/graphic arts technologies, but the students will also get a good understanding of the media industry and its challenges (organisational, economic, legal, etc.). The students will specialise in at least one area of media technology through elective subjects and their work on projects and the final Master's thesis.
After completing the programme, the students will possess skills for development and use of technologies and tools for use in digital media. The students will specifically have deep knowledge of technologies that enable production, processing, distribution, and retrieval of digital media.

The students will develop good work attitudes and ethics that put the users' and society's needs first when choosing or developing technologies and tools for the digital media.
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The students can do their master thesis abroad (final semester). Recomended institutions abroad are KTH, University of Linköping and Luleå Technical University. Students may also visit one of the recommended universities for the electable specialisation.

Admission Criteria

The applicants must have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering or Graphic Arts Engineering to qualify for admission.

Table of subjects