GIS Intro II
- GEO2251 - 5 ECTS


GEO1151- GIS Intro I (or equal)

Expected learning outcomes

The students will after completed course have a basic understanding of how the geographical reality can be represented in digital form, and will be able to use this knowledge in geographical data capture and analysis.

The students will know the difference between raster based and vector based data, and have an overview over avilable geographical datasets in Norway.


  • Representation of reality as vector data and as raster data
  • Geographical data capture (Photogrammetry/remote sensing, surveying, scanning, satellite imageries)
  • Vector-based analysis
  • Principles for handling raster data
  • Raster based analysis
  • Available geographical data in Norway (content and availability)

The following parts from GEO1121 GSI Intro are used:

  • Digital data Capture
  • vector Data Analysis
  • Raster Data Structure
  • Raster data Analysis

Teaching Methods


Teaching Methods (additional text)

Private study

Form(s) of Assessment


Form(s) of Assessment (additional text)

Multiple choice

Grading Scale


Coursework Requirements

2 project tasks must be completed and approved in order to pass.

Teaching Materials

-Two alternatives:

  • Tor Bernhardsen: Geografiske Informasjonssystemer (4.utgave, Vett og Viten 2006, ISBN 13: 978-82-412-0617-7
  • Heywood I et al, 2006: An Introduction to Geographical Information Systems. Pearson/Prentice Hall. ISBN 0-13-129317-6


  • Regulerings og bebyggelsesplaner (Publisert av Miljøverndepartementet 1.11.2001, raportkode T-1381, ISBN 82-457-0337-0). Tilgjengelig fra
  • - SOSI-standard ”Plan”

Replacement course for

GEO1013 Geomatikk introduksjon (partly)

Additional information

Completing GIS Intro I and GIS Intro II is equvalent to completing GEO1121 GIS Intro.