Establishment of Norwegian membership in the ISO/TC 130 Graphic technology

Wednesday January 25th 2012 a Norwegian expert group held its first meeting at Standard Norway, which is the Norwegian member of ISO. Standard Norway is responsible for most standardisation areas. The Norwegian Color Research Laboratory together with representatives from the Norwegian Graphic Art Industry and Standard Norway will contribute internationally to the Committee ISO/TC 130 Graphic technology. The scope of ISO/TC 130 is the standardisation of terminology, test methods and specifications in the field of printing and graphic technology from the original provided to finished products. A Norwegian ISO/TC 130 membership means that ISO standards are not only implemented, but Norway has a national mirror committee participating in the development and establishment of new standards and revising of existing standards. The membership is a unique opportunity to bring the Norwegian printing industry into a future-oriented production!

Front: Hanne Josefsen, Fargerommet Grafisk; Dag Bredesen, 07

In the middle: Lars Jacobsen, MerkurTrykk AS; Peter Nussbaum, Høgskolen i Gjøvik

In the back: Niels Edvard Killi, Fellesforbundet ved Grafisk Utdanningsfond; Engebret Rødningen, Standard Norge; Christian Holthe, Standard Norge; Per Trevland, NADA (MBL)