Project Analysis
- SMF2131 - 5 ECTS

On the basis of

SMF 1042 - Økonomistyring

Expected learning outcomes

The students shall be able to:
-Budget cash flows, including inflation and taxes.
-Analyze and evaluate a project by models using TVM-concepts.
-Calculate the cost of capital by CAPM and evaluate the risk of a single asset and of a portifolio of assets.
-Evaluate the risk by sensitivity tests.


Time value of money (calculation), budgeting cash flow, inflation, taxes, calculations and management of working capital, NPV, IRR, payback period method, capital rationing, risk and return for a single asset.

Teaching Methods

Group works

Form(s) of Assessment

Home exam, see textarea

Form(s) of Assessment (additional text)

  • Home examination in groups, 8 hours (50%)
  • Individual multiple choise (2-3 hours) (50%)

Both parts must be passed.

Grading Scale

Alphabetical Scale, A(best) – F (fail)

External/internal examiner

To internal examiners

Re-sit examination

No re-sit examination

Examination support

  • Home examination in groups: all support
  • Individual multiple choise: no support

Coursework Requirements

Details concerning course requirements will be presented at the beginning of the semester.

Teaching Materials

Bøhren,Øyvind, Gjærum,Per Ivar (1999).

Prosjektanalyse 2 utgave. Skarvet forlag. ISBN 82-992405-6-5

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