The Appeals Committee of the Board

The Appeals Committee of the Board was established at the meeting of the Board - 2nd of May 1996. The task of the committee is to settle cases on behalf of the board.

The Appeals Committee has five members which includes:

  • an external lawyer qualified as a deputy judge, with a personal deputy board member with corresponding expertise
  • two students, with personal deputy board members
  • two representatives from the academic staff, with personal deputy board members

The student representatives have a one year term of office. The other members are elected for three years. As required by the Board, the University College Director is responsible for the nomination of members. The University College Director also oversees the running of the committee.

The Appeals Committee consider and decide complaints over individual decisions and, at the Board's discretion, other complaint cases for students, according to § 5-11 in the Act Relating to Universities and University Colleges of 2005.